Friday, 16 February 2018


Tom came home yesterday after 10 days.
7lb lighter in weight and sporting a 10" scar down his tummy.

Now to build him up  to his former self.
Thanks once again for all of your good wishes.

Isn't this sweet.
2 Jack Russell doggies have their own holes cut into the gate for noses and eye so that they can see what is going on outside.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Thankyou for all of your kind comments.

Tom is still battling away in hospital, things are not going our way at the moment and all of his other complications are not making things easier.

Myself and Penny and Matt are all going up each day and the stress is not nice but I'm sure we will get there in the end.

It's not nice seeing someone in pain and not being able to do anything to help but the staff are wonderful.

The operation was fine but its the after bits that we are now dealing with.

Will update when things improve.

Friday, 9 February 2018


Tom went down to theatre  last night and all is well.

We were all in a state as it was explained that with his complications he might not make it through the op.

He asked the kids to look after me if he didn't make it and we were pacing all evening waiting for the call.

Finally got the call at 10p.m. to say that all was well and have spoken to him this morning.


I asked him not to do this again and he has agreed that he will try his best. LOL

Thankyou so much all of you for your support.

Thursday, 8 February 2018


Another rush to the hospital early Monday morning with Tom.

He had been sick all over the weekend with pains in his stomach and by early Monday morning it was clear that I should call an ambulance.

It appears that he has a 2cm gall stone that has decided to take a walk to where it should not be and cause a blockage so that the food is not leaving the stomach.
No wonder he was in so much pain etc.

After being unsuccessful in trying to put the dreaded camera down his throat he had a the usual scans etc and it has been decided that he will need an operation to remove this beast.

We are all a bit jittery about this as he has the lung and heart problems that mean an operation is not simple but I'm sure they have operated on people like this before and know what they are doing.

So, after lying there since Monday with tubes everywhere we are still waiting for the op to take place.  Maybe today or tomorrow.

I'm will refrain from posting for a bit until this is settled as I'm sure you will understand that my days are full with visiting etc.

Your good thought would be welcome for a good recovery for poor Tom who seems to have had it all flung at him just lately.

Monday, 5 February 2018


Keeping the cats amused with a youtube video of  birds feeding.
Polly thinks that they have flown behind the tv. lol

Saturday, 3 February 2018


Is anyone else like me and hates their glasses.
My eyes are now requiring three different strength of lenses.
One pair for distance.  One pair for the computer and another pair for close work.
And so I am constantly putting them on and taking them off  and its driving me mad.

I think I may consider some varifocals next time I am tested but probably will still require a pair for my close work.

Here's the new small table that we bought from ikea, I thought I would keep our library books on the bottom shelf but Rupert had other thoughts and settled down quite nicely thankyou. lol

Friday, 2 February 2018


Yesterday we went to the Citizens Advice Bureau to get help filling in one of those tomes of form you need to claim anything from the Government.
Trying to get any help is like trying to get blood from a stone, everything is made so difficult and I'm sure the forms are worded deliberately to put people off from claiming.
It took the very nice man 2 hours to complete for us, so we would have been at it all night.
Anyway, its done and posted so now we wait to see if we qualify.
Praise for the CAB, they were wonderful.

Here's my man concentrating on something or other on his kindle, probably face book, I catch him laughing to himself sometimes.  I wonder should I be worried ??? 
He has no idea that the photo has been taken, lol
The weight seems to have stopped coming off now and he actually looks a lot fitter and says that he feel fine.

I've raked around an found some bits to attach to the caricature patchwork, some scissors and tiny maching and some words that I thought appropriate.

I thought some reels of cotton would look good and so made some tiny card shapes and wound the silk around, I think they'll pass for cotton reels once in place. 

By the way... I thought the film 'The Post' was as equally boring as the Churchill film.
I suppose it would be okay if I knew anything about American politics but I don't and so I was lost.
Maybe it's just me. LOL

Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Finished putting the patches around the caricature of myself this morning.

As you can see the table top gets into a pretty mess, I'm not a tidy worker but it annoys me and I'm always glad when this bit is done and I can clear up.

Not content with just sewing you can see the scrabble on the pc, I play this while I am working as well, keep the brain going, lol

 Now for the best bit, the embellishment.

We're off out soon to the cinema to give 'The Post' a go.   Will let you know my opinion.
I wrote of my disappointment with the Churchill film.  My Son thought it was great, so there you are, everyone can't be the same, lol

Monday, 29 January 2018


Our youngest son recently told us about a cinema in Worthing that is cheap and cheerful and also shows all of the latest films.
It's not the most modern of buildings and not very big inside but that suits us.
The seats were nice and comfortable and the staff very helpful, hooray.
I like the cinema but very rarely go because of the ridiculous prices.

As you can see it was probably built in the 30's.
Prices are £3.50 on Wednesday and £5.00 at other times, very good I'm sure you'll agree.
And so we decided to give it a go on Sunday and went to see 'Churchill.

Maybe its just us but we were so disappointed with this film.  We both thought it dull and dreary with not a lot going on.
A lot of what I call tableau scenes for effect and we found it boring.

On Wednesday we are going to take advantage of the £3.50 day and go and see Tom Hanks and Merly Streep in 'The Post', Let's hope this is better.

Will let you know.

Saturday, 27 January 2018


It's seems a while since I posted here but we have been quite busy one way or the other.
Tom has appointments coming out of his ears and we are seeing heart, lung and digestive consultants in their turn.
We've been for a couple of CT scans and other bits and pieces and we are now waiting to find out the results.
Really there is not a lot they can do but at least we may be able to pinpoint  a bit more clearly what the cause of the lung condition is.
The gall stones can't be dealt with until his heart has been checked and even then we are not sure if we will go ahead with surgery.  We seem to be able to keep things on an even keel with a fat free diet, the only problem there is that he is losing a lot of weight.
Anyway, we are trying to keep cheerful even if some days we are a bit down, we're only human, lol

A stair lift is shortly to be installed to help him to get up the stairs.  At the moment he is coping but is quite breathless when he gets to the top but no doubt in the future he will need it.
I'm quite happy about this as it means that I can use it to take the shopping up the stairs. lol

With all this going on I have been finding it difficult to get into my workroom, either because I'm too tired or because I haven't got the inclination, but yesterday I finally managed to do a couple of hours of needlework and felt all the better for it.

The lace is attached around the edge and the little birds are in place.
This page is now finished. That makes 4 pages done.
I'm now getting on with the caricature of myself and have free machined the image on the page.
Don't look too closely, I'm not an expert at this but I am happy with the outcome.

I think I'll put myself into an oval frame this time and I'm thinking lace and pearls.

The weather here was beautiful yesterday but today we are back to the gloom.
A nice latte and read of the paper later I think.
Have a good weekend all of you and thankyou for visiting.