Monday, 20 February 2017


Having recently had the lurgy as you know, I read quite a lot.
A book has to be good and interest me  and to hold my full attention  and in the past I have been known to get half way through a book and give it up, but these three fiction books I really enjoyed reading.

All of them are by the same author, Margaret Leroy, and are about the WW2,  I know this sounds boring and usually I would not read books on this subject but I was surprised how much I liked them all.
Each book is about a different area.  'A Brief Affair' is set in London,   'The English Girl ' is set in Austria and 'The Collaborator' is set on the Island of Guernsey.  Each book is so different and I gleaned so many facts to do with the war and how people had to make ends meet.

One of the things that hit me was the subject of pets.  I had never given a thought to the fact that a lot of people had their pets put down owing to the fact that there was no food for them,  it must have been such a hard thing to do.

Anyway, here are the 3 books if you fancy a good read.

Saturday, 18 February 2017


I don't know how this happened but Mummy Polly has a little taster of soft food at 4 o'clock.   
None of the other have this, they have dry at this time but she knows the exact time that we should bow down and get shifting into the kitchen to dish out the taster.
I think the fact that Polly was a stray has made her more canny than the 'kittens', she must be going on for 10 years old I should think, I don't know how old she was when we took her in but the 'kittens' are 9 this year so around 9 1/2 10 years old my thinking.

 And so at this time she will place herself in position to get noticed.  See who she is in front of, they are not my feet, lol.
Tom is the feeder here and it is him she sits in front of, not me.

The above postition clearly isn't working so she moves in a bit closer, surely this will make him shift..
Notice the gaze, her eyes do not move from his face.

Finally she climbs onto the feeders lap.  This should do it, and of course it does.
We who serve will obey. lol

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Thankfully we seem to be over the worst of the lurgy, just a cough here and there but feeling so much better, we really do not want that any time soon, ugh...

Having 5 cats gives you an insight into the different characters inside each of these little monkeys.
When you only have one cat you don't get to compare like with a group.

Each of them has their own little personalities and far from being just cats they are clever and know exactly what they are doing.

 Princess is a burrower, the only one of the five that does this.
Any folded throw, blanket or duvet will do and she will keep nudging at it until she makes a tunnel that she can creep into and settle.
Here she is encased in the pink fleece throw.  I promise I did not put her there even thought it looks like I did.

Still with as mean a face as usual, she dares any of the other to come near, lol

Thursday, 9 February 2017


We are both suffering from the lurgy that seems to have affected everyone known to man.  Coughing and coughing and no end in sight.

What is the solution for this?

Lots of mindless tv watching, in particular box sets, I can't raise enough energy to sew or crochet, just want to lounge so these are the perfect time wasters.We have got right up to date with Game of Thrones and are now rewatching The Sopranos.

Tom, Grandson bought the set for us a few years ago and it is coming back fresh.
So, until things are back to normal blogging is on the back burner.

Saturday, 21 January 2017


 I finally got myself together yesterday to finish the Crazy Patchwork Cameo Glasses Purse.
I'm really enjoying making these, they are small enough for me to not get fed up half way through and serve a purpose.

As I mentioned before, I have several cameo brooches in my stash and I think this one looks quite victorian on this purse.
Two tiny birds sit on the top of the clasp.

4 Tiny ribbon roses some tear drop pearls and a bit of feather stitching.
I gathered some lace and stitched it around the cameo, the cameo is stitched on through the edge with clear nylon thread so that it doesn't show.

A little gold victorian boot, again sewn in place with clear thread, gold mesh over salmon coloured satin and some more beading.

 The back side is embellished with wheatear stitch only, I really love this stitch easy but very decorative.

Inside is lined with a maroon sprigged cotton.

Now the problem is that I don't want to use it in case it gets messy, lol

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Nearly 9 years ago...

Have just had to buy a new desktop and have been transferring stuff from stick and came across these pictures of the little monkeys when they were tiny watching a fly.

Still can't believe that they were that small.
Princess is the brave one on top of the curtains, doesn't seem like its nearly 9 years ago.

Thursday, 5 January 2017


One cardboard box, one halogen electric fire amounts to pure bliss for Polly.

Polly's favourite spot if I'm sewing in my room with the little fire on.