Tuesday, 10 October 2017


If you visit the supermarket pet isle to buy your dog or cat food have you ever come across the people like you who stand pondering for ages over what food to buy for the dear little furry friends who have us all wrapped around their claws?

We often get involved in conversations with other pet owners who all seem to have the same dilemma.

'Oh, last time they didn't eat that.'

'We've tried that before remember, they only ate it once and then refused to even go near the dish 

'Well, Polly likes that, but the others won't touch it'.

'How about these kibbles for a treat? No remember we gave the last lot to the seagulls'.

Or is it just me ???

Sunday, 8 October 2017


This doesn't happen very often, they must have found some substance in a garden somewhere that has chilled them out. lol
Princess and Rupert in a love up.

Thursday, 5 October 2017


For years now I have been cutting Tom's hair for him.
We use clippers with the appropriate attachment for the length he wants it to be.

Over the years his hair has thinned a little but he does still have a full head of hair.
he did until the other day.

I always leave him to get the clippers out and get them ready for use, I am just the cutter.

Look what happened.
The silly old  $%^&^%$  forgot to put the attachment on.
I gaily started cutting and mowed the first path through and was horrified to find that he had forgotten to attach it.

What to do?

We could take the whole lot off or go around it.
We decided to go around it and so for a few weeks he is having to wear a baseball cap when he goes out. lol

It wasn't funny at the time but we can see the funny side of it now. 

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Today was such a beautiful sunny day, we decided not to waste it and to go for a walk.
Our daughter lives in Lancing just along the coast from Brighton and told us of a walk in the woods at the back of where she lived.
The first thing we saw was a bush with so many butterflies and bees on it, Ive never seen so many in one place before.  No idea what the bush is, maybe someone may know.

A beautiful Comma and a Red Admiral.

Here's tom on his way up to the top, a spray of GTN works wonders and enables him to walk easier.

A pretty little clover flower just hanging in there and a beautiful head of white (I know not what) looks like cow parsley.

Once at the top the view was worth the climb.
Below is Shoreham with the River Adur meandering along and Brighton in the distance.
If you look to the top left you can just make out the white chalk cliffs well in the distance, and of course the sea.

Here'a my man, he doesn't look too bad after the climb does he.  Luckily there is a bench at the top where we had a rest.  
All down hill back to the car and a lovely morning.

Sunday, 1 October 2017


As you know I love to sew and craft but as I get older I find it difficult to motivate sometimes as really I am only doing these things to amuse myself.
Often I think, why am I bothering it will all go in a skip when I pop my clogs.

Then I had an idea.
Why not incorporate all of the things I love doing in a fabric journal. It can contain all of my work and I know that my daughter Penny will keep it and pass it on to Grandson Tom who will also appreciate it.
And so, here I am all excited about making this journal.

 Last year I bought this very large piece of thick linen at the car boot, this will be ideal for the pages.

  I decided on the size of 9" x 9" for the pages leaving a 1/2" edge all around the sides and 2" for the spine edge

On what will be the second page I have sewn a block I made ages ago that has just been in a drawer and the first page is going to be for a lace collar that I knitted in 1975 that has also just been in a drawer.

This was made with very fine cotton just a little thicker than sewing cotton and I clearly remember knitting this on long silver metal knitting needles.
Where on earth did I get the patience to do this at the same time as bringing up 3 children?

And so the next page has a pocket to hold this lace collar

And here you can see the start of this page.
Can you tell I'm really enjoying this.

Friday, 29 September 2017


We're back home and all good glad to say.
Tom will have to have his gall bladder removed at some time but there are complications with that and these will have to be assessed first.   
We have to see the Cardiologist first to get his heart put right and then the Anaesthetist to see if it will be safe to have the op.
Meanwhile he is on a very low fat diet and I have joined him.
I could do with losing weight and since doing this have not suffered from any indigestion, so, everything has a good side. lol
Thankyou for all of your good wishes.

Meanwhile the pincushion is finished.

I now have another idea up my sleeve of making a fabric journal.
It's in the early stages and I will show you later.

Rupert making use of the pile of throws.
All the kitties are pleased to see Dad, especially Rupert as he sleeps on Tom's bed.

Saturday, 23 September 2017


Just a quick post to say there will be no posts for a bit as Tom is in Hospital with gall bladders problems.
All a bit of a whirl so be back when things have settled.

Monday, 18 September 2017


Once apon a time there was a beautiful Elm tree standing proud outside of my front window.
I have had the privilege of enjoying this tree for 52 years and know from old photos that it was over 100 years old.
I have watched blue tits nest in the holes of this tree for years and pigeons carefully snapping off the right size twigs for their nests .  I have watched the seeds falling like confetti and filling the gutters in the Spring and seen the faces in the bark of the trunk.
It withstood the Hurricane of 1987.

Sadly last week this tree had to be felled as it had contracted Dutch Elm Disease.
For those who are not familiar with this here is a brief synopsis.

The second epidemic of DED which arrived in the UK during the late 1960’s on infected elm logs from North America, had by 1979 killed 25 million mature elms
East Sussex has one of the country's largest populations of mature elms after controls were set up in 1973 to limit the spread of the disease
Unfortunately there is no cure and no way of saving infected trees,
The disease is transmitted by beetles which eat through infected bark and pass on the fungus. It then spreads further from tree to tree through their systems.

But the south coast populations were protected by their positioning between the English Channel and the South Downs.
Withered brown leaves are one of the first signs of Dutch elm disease 

The tree surgeons tried to save it by cutting out the infected parts but in the end it had to go.
I love trees and can't tell you how sad I am to see this tree cut down.
Apparently the council do not have enough money to replace it at the moment so we will just have to walk past the remaining stump ( this has been debarked to stop the spread ) and remember it as it used to be.
If you look closely you can see that the centre of the trunk is dark brown, in fact it had a large hole all the way up where the disease had taken hold.

Monday, 11 September 2017


I have a small basket that holds my sock knitting, just the right size for a ball of wool and all the bits and pieces.
The only trouble was that the wool kept on snagging on the rough inside of the basket.
So, this morning I decided to line it.

 I found a nice piece of cotton and set about doing this .

Easier said than done....
I had so much trouble getting the thread through the basket in places that I had to get pliars to pull the needle through.

I didn't give up though and it ended up looking like this.

Perfect, no more snags and I can get on finishing these socks for Tom.

There's nothing like a hand knitted pure wool sock to keep your feet warm in the winter.

Saturday, 9 September 2017


I've been pondering what to do in the last 3 segments of my pincushion but a find at the car boot gave me the solution.

A very large cone of gold thread for the brilliant price of only £3.00

Here's what I did, filling in the in the diamonds with seed beads.

Now I just need to sew the whole thing together .