Wednesday, 21 March 2018


There's only the two of us now and we don't motor very far from home these days.
We have been driving a little blue Fiat Panda for the last four years without too much trouble but as with most cars there comes a time when maybe it has to be considered if its worth repairing of changing to anothe car, as it has with this one.

The seats on the Panda were quite low down and both of us were sort of hanging on to the doors to haul ourselves out, lol
Our Son in law is the manager of a car showroom and has sorted us out with this cute little car.

A Vauxhall Agila.
One owner, serviced every year and in excellent condition and the very best part is that the seats are high and all we need to do to get in and out is slide across onto the seat.  Whoopeeee.
I now feel as though I'm sitting up in the cab of a lorry, lol

Tom saw the consultant yesterday and now has confirmation that his lung condition it 'Asbestosis'.
This is his reward for working hard for 25 years as a Electrician in the building industry.
He was clambering about in roof spaces and working around boiler rooms where asbestos was freely used and was, as most people then, completely unaware that it was giving him a death sentence.
This insideous disease is slowly working its way into the lungs for years without the person being aware of it and only shows itself when its too late.

The lovely consultant has made us aware that compensation my be able to be sought but how long these things take I don't know.
In the meantime we shall make every day count.

On a good note, today is a beautiful sunny day and so after the dentist a short walk and nice latte is in order I think.

Sunday, 18 March 2018


Sshhhhh, Don't tell anyone I feed the seagulls. lol

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Yesterday was such a lovely day that we decided to have a go at a short walk.
Tom is feeling a lot better now but had not been out since being ill.
We were talking the other day and saying how many lovely places there are in Sussex and how we should get out there and see them.
Being ill and thinking its the end has the effect that you should really do things and not wait.
So we have decided that we shall try to visit some of these villages and places of interest when the weather is good.
Yesterday it was the village of Bramber.

The village high street has some really pretty, very old houses and here you can see the largest bit of the castle that is still standing beside the church.

The first house across from the car park had a very interesting garden. 
Someone had decorated the garden with lots of home made statues.
The centre picture is showing a snake and if you look you can see the head rearing up above the bush to the right.

The church is the only building left that was connected to the castle and has just managed to get enough donations to do some repairs to keep it in circulation.

Inside it was small but beautiful.
Every pew had a row of hand made tapestry hassocks for kneeling on the cold floor.
I noticed a wooden beam across the ceiling that I am assuming could be one of the originals, it was very worn and thin and was being supported .

Here's my brave man who tackled a bit of a hill puffing and panting but getting a good work out, lol
standing against the only large bit of castle that's left.
The walls of this castle were 1 Metre thick but the roundheads apparently were the one's who finally destroyed it.

We had such a lovely day after all of the worry and strain of the last few weeks and I hope that we shall be able to do more of this and explore more of Sussex this year.

Monday, 12 March 2018


Mothers day was a hit this year.
We travelled up to London with our daughter and son-in-law to meet up with Tom Grandson before he jetted of to Texas for the 'South by Southwest Music Festival' and then on to Los Angeles.  What a life that boy leads.


Here we are heads together in the 'Lord Tredegar Pub' in Bow London.
Great pub food and a nice old worldy pub atmosphere.
Notice how Tom Grandad has managed to match himself to the tulip, lol

Hope you all had a nice Mother's day.


Saturday, 10 March 2018


Rupert keeping watch for foxy.
Should have changed the camera setting but if you don't take it quick the darn cat moves. lol

Thursday, 8 March 2018


Looking through a magazine in the doctors yesterday I had to take a second look at a photo of a cat.

There on the page was an almost double of Rupert only this was a girl cat called marlene.
 They are ringers for each other don't you think?

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


As I mentioned the other day, I am having a play with dissolving fabric to use up scraps.
Here's the result so far.

I've used muslin because I don't want it to be too thick.
As you can see I've roughly layered small scraps of fabic.

cover with a layer of dissolving fabric and pin in place

Free machine all over covering as much as possible to keep it all together.
I used gold thread on top and a dark cotton on the bobbin.

Wash thoroughly in cold water to remove film.
Leave to dry and use.
I am hoping that this will make a good background for my altered park photo.

Monday, 5 March 2018


A few years ago I took a photo of one of the paths in our local park.
I put it into photo shop and changed the colour to purple.
This has been laying around for ages and so I thought it was a perfect candidate for the next page in my fabric journal.

Here is the photo, quite simple, and the embellished picture printed out onto fabric and embellished with bead etc.

 Now for the fun.
I have never used dissolvable film for embroidery before, but have bought some with the intention of making a background for these pictures with scraps, bits of lace, ribbons etc.

This one is called Avalon wash away film but there are others.
The idea is to scatter tiny bits of fabric, lace etc on a lightweight piece of fabric, lay the film on top and free stitch all over it.
When the film is washed away you have a new piece of fabric of your making in the colour way you want.
Could all go disastrously wrong but I hope not.
I can see me having lots of fun with this.

As you can see I've started snipping tiny bits of fabric into a box in the colours I think might go and raking through my boxes of threads.
This is a good reason never to throw any scraps of anything away. 
I certainly will put them in a box from now on.

While I'm here I might as well show you my new toy.

It's a mini hoover that runs off of a usb connection.
Ideal for hoovering up the cat hair on the desk, keyboard or piece of work.
I truly love my cats to bits but if I could change one thing about them it would be the fur.
I wonder if you can get cats like poodles that do not shed their coat, now that would be ideal. lol

Sunday, 4 March 2018


Finally finished the caricature of myself.  The next page in my fabric journal.

Found some jewellery pieces that made her some lovely earrings.
Sewed on the tiny scissors and a sewing machine with clear thread and have sewn it to the wren page.
I have inserted a piece of card between the two pages to hold them firm.
The spare fabric to the side will be part of the spine.

Every time I pass a mirror or reflection I have to laugh as when I put my hair up I look just like this, lol

Here you can see how I've joined the two pages before inserting the card.
I've used a blanket stitch all around the edge.

You'll be pleased to know that Tom is still progressing well.
We are going every other day for dressings on the wound but it is finally healing.
On Tuesday he's back in for his Angioplasty and hopefully another stent in his artery.  This should make quite a bit of difference to his being short of breath.
It's been all go for a good 4 weeks and we'll both be glad to get it all over with and settle down to normal.

Monday, 26 February 2018


I've finally got around to doing a post.
It's been a trying 3 weeks since Tom had his surgery.  
The wound got infected and we have been going every other day to get it dealt with.
After the surgery he had an Ileus, this is when the bowel decides that after handling it will go to sleep so to speak, and so we have had to contend with getting that back to normal as well as him feeling very weak and not feeling like eating.
But today I feel like we have turned a corner.

Often the carer in these situations gets over looked but I can vouch that it is as wearing and as upsetting as the patient.

Anyways, my caricature patchwork is almost finished.

I raked through my box of bits and found some appropriate words and have embellished with a few beads and fancy stitiches.
As you can see in the bottom left I am now herring bone stitching some narrow ribbon all around the edge.
Then it will be the oval edges to finish, add a few charms  and I think it will be complete.

I have to ask here if anyone knows how to make a photograph tiny.
I'm no good at this technical stuff but I have an idea for the next page and I would like to make some of my cat photos into small cameo sizes.
I have an idea its to do with pixels etc but would like some advice.