Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


There's nothing quite so irresistible as a cloth that's just been bleached.

All patiently waiting for Mummy Polly to finish with the newly bleached cloth.
Funny how they love the smell so much.

Mine, all mine meow,meow... with an innocent look.

Next up was Rowan (sorry about the fuzzy pic) but not until Polly had made dirty marks with her muddy feet.
The others took their turn.

Pity I can't train them to push it around the floor, would save me washing it. lol

As for the whisker problem yesterday, you may all be correct in thinking that it is broken,
I shall observe from now on any new whisker activity.

Monday, 19 September 2016


Rowan was on my lap the other night and as she looked back up to me I noticed that she had a new whisker growing.

Now, here's the question.
Notice how the new whisker is blunt on the end?
Then how come all the fully grown one's are tapering to a very fine wisp.
How does that happen, does it grow out of the middle of the whisker?

See the fine ends of the long whiskers.
I am intrigued...

Why do I have this mind that keeps asking nonsense questions?

Sunday, 18 September 2016


Up early this morning for car boot, it's the only day of the week that we are up early, most days we could lie in bed all day and nobody would notice, lol

I love the drive early in the morning, hardly any cars on the road and the air is fresh.

 Followed these poor horses for a while, obviously being carted around for a Gymkhana or something.  I always feel sorry for them being joggled about.
When I think about it, horses don't get a very good deal in life on the whole.  My son has two and notices how many of them in his stables where he keeps them are neglected, not ill treated, just used as toys.
Anyway I am diverting from the original post.

Best find of the day is the cat carrier.

Foldaway 'GreatandSmall' looks as though it has never been used, £5.00.
Looked it up and it costs £34.99 new so pleased with that.
I have wicker baskets and they are so awkward, also the clan have sharp ears and as soon as the baskets are moved they scoot when they hear the squeaking noise of the wicker.
Ha ha, Mum will be able to get this one out without them knowing.

I'm hoping that  this knitting needle gauge might be a good find as well, I paid £2.00 for it but cannot find another like it on the internet so thinking it might be rare.  Will have to do some more digging.

Silver and tuquoise pendant for £3.00.
I have a nice chain for this.
And other bits and pieces I won't bore you with.

And this was waiting for us on top of the freezer when we got back with a most distainful look as much as to say, 'Oh you're back' 

Saturday, 17 September 2016


Today is Saturday and the day I dislike the most.
Before retirement weekends were looked forward to but somehow things have changed, now I prefer the routine of the week and don't like the weekends.  The radio all changes and there's a different feel to the 2 days.

So we often trot off to our local Waitrose for a cheap cup of coffee and a pot of tea plus of course the free newspaper all for 50p.

  This is a really good bargain but it has spoiled me for buying a coffee or tea anywhere else because I resent having to pay more, ha ha,

Just show the 2 waitrose cards and we are good for a nice relax and a people watch.
Tom did take a piccy of me but as I look like a pumpkin squashed into the chair I've kept it to myself. lol

I found this in the paper today and thought I'd share.
They are fire boots for the dogs who work with the fire brigade .
So cute.

Friday, 16 September 2016



On Sunday we went to the usual car boot and I found a Cat Mate water fountain still in the box.  The lady told me that her cat would not use it but as we have 5 and Rupert likes to drink from the tap I thought we'd give it a go.  It was only £2.00 and a bargain even if they don't use it.

As they all traverse the draining board at some point in the day we thought we'd place it in the corner.
Looks very inviting to me but then I'm not a pernickety cat.

Rupert was the first to investigate but only gave it a cursory sniff and then proceeded to stand in the sink.

Somehow I think it will go back into the box and I'll move it on don't you?

Thursday, 15 September 2016


Hello, I'm still here, a little moist from the heat but still alive and (I was going to say and kicking ) but that's not an option for me now, I could do my hip or knee in, ha ha.

Time was that we would lay on the beach all day and then come home cook dinner and do the chores but sadly we are now unable to do much at all when its so hot, boo hoo.

So, we have been lazing, keeping out of the heat and waiting for it to abate.  Today is supposed to be the last really hot day thank goodness and then maybe I can get back to my usual self and more posts.

So, see you soon.