Saturday, 19 May 2018


Princess has been back to the vets after having the cast on for 2 weeks, she's had it removed and x- rayed and it is healing nicely.
The new cast suits her perfectly as it is all glittery, lol

She's found a way of getting around and is a lot happier than she was.
Back to the vets in 2 weeks time again.
This is a long costly job.......

Saturday, 5 May 2018


I've made a start on a new page for the Fabric Journal.
The Goldfinch is finished and I have another sampler page on the go but I'm sort of hooked on the Shisha embroidery at the moment.

I'm working this one in a large hoop as its easier to do the shisha
This time I've coloured the linen to give a background.
This will be lots and lots of colour.

Now I'm covering it with shisha embroidered daisies.  Lots of bold bright colours.  Really enjoying this.

Car boot tomorrow,we've been waiting a long time for this one to start, the field has been so wet he was unable to put one on until now.
The weather is supposed to be nice, just hope we have the energy to get all round. lol

Friday, 4 May 2018


On Wednesday in the evening we noticed that Princess was limping.
As Rowan has often had a limp from jumping off of the wardrobes we were not concerned.  Rowan is usually fine in a couple of days.
Yesterday, she was still limping and when we touched her foot she cried. 
I rang the vets but they could only fit us in this morning.
No food after 10 o'clock last night in case she needed an anesthetic.

So we took her along at 9.30 this morning and after the vet gently feeling her foot he thought she may have broken something.
We left her there for an x ray and we were told later in the day that she had broken one of the bones in her back foot.
How on earth did that happen?

It was odd on Wednesday when Tom went into the bathroom this linen basket was laying on the floor on its side.
As you can see this is next to the sink and Rupert likes to sit on this for a tickle and then goes into the basin for a drink.
We can only think that he jumped off and tipped it over and it fell on Princess's foot.
What other explanation can there be?

The vet showed me the x ray and it was clear to see the break in the long bone.
Luckily it was a clean break that didn't need any pins etc.
So, we have one miserable little moggy with a bonky foot.  She's not happy poor thing.
She is managing to get around but with difficulty, I'm sure as time goes on she will master it but for now there's nothing we can do.
Cats are so wonderful, as soon as she got home she bonked her way into the bathroom and managed to get into the litter tray., she could easily have done this in the carrier but she waited until she got home.
We have to take her back in two weeks time for another x ray to see if its mending okay.

Apparently its unusual for cats to break bones unless they are in a road accident.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018


Recently I've been going back in my mind to the 60's and the hair styles that I had back then.
The bouffant was a favourite of mine and to get my hair to do what I wanted for this style I had to go through several stages.

Did anyone do like I did and go to bed with a head full of spiky rollers?  I used to cover the lot with a chiffon head scarf to keep them all in place and boy was it difficult to get into a comfortable position to sleep. lol

The next morning, out came the rollers and my hair was back combed to within and inch of it's life.
Then the whole lot was smoothed over the top to get this look called a beehive.

Now having got it all as I wanted I needed some good strong hairspray to keep in all in place.
This didn't come in aerosol cans in those days.  I used to buy a plastic tube full of laquer called Rosedale, I can't seem to find a picture of it on google, does anyone remember this stuff?
and empty it into a plastic squeezy bottle to apply it in puffs to the hair.

The only problem with this laquer was that it built up on the hair and after a few days you looked like you had nits. LOL

Monday, 30 April 2018


The weekend was pretty uneventful, we did go to a car boot but my only purchase was a 50p poppy scarf and a crinoline lady tablecloth.  It was cold and windy and so we didn't stay long.
It's the bank holiday weekend this weekend and weather permitting we will have two car boots to go to, fingers crossed.

 I have finally finished my Godfinch page for the fabric journal and I'm really pleased with it.
The gold edging and frame was a bit tricky to work with but sets the bird off well.

I look at this now and wonder just how on earth I did this. I used to sit and work at it in the evenings with all the kids at home and lots of other things to do but I had more energy then, I don't know quite where its all gone but it has , either the days fly past or I'm too tired to do anything.
If only we had known when we were young what age brought with it we would surely have packed more into each day.

I have posted this on Facebook but for those who do not visit there here is the tiny pansy that has decided that a crack in the pavement is where it wants to grow.
Isn't nature wonderful.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


Thankyou for all of the comments on the last post 'rewind'. I think I shall do a rewind post every now and then as my mind goes back in time. Is it a sign of old age when we start to recall days past and think that they were better. lol

We've both been quite busy of late with our needlework.
Tom is pushing on with his tapestry, I think he only has about a quarter to do now, but not this morning as you can see.

He's slumped in the chair with the ipad and I know exactly what he's doing. lol
Face book or the stupid game we both are hooked on, Genies and Gems.
So sad, a couple of pensioners playing a silly matching game but we are both often to be found mumbling and moaning and accusing it of being fixed, lol

I have finished the first lot of Shisha embroidery pieces and am going to put them into my journal.
I'm really enjoying this craft and there are lots more designs to try out before I get pulled away to some other thing.

And here's my boy Rupert.
I love this cat to bits, he's the only boy amongst the lot of them and he's got such a lovely nature.

Off to Mcdonalds now for a burger, we haven't had one in ages so I think one now and again isn't going to hurt none.

Saturday, 21 April 2018


When you get to 72 the mind starts to wander back in time and I've been thinking about how so many things are so very, very different now from when I was a child in the 50's.

I listen to the kids now talking about how they have to have a shower every morning and wonder just how they would have fared back then.

We didn't have a bathroom, all we had was a sink in the scullery, we didn't even have a proper kitchen.
Mum used to do everything in this tiny space containing the cooker, a boiler, sink, small larder and a very small flap down table that was her worktop.

We all took turns at the same sink that served everything from washing ourselves each day and washing the clothes etc,   washing hair was done with a kettle full of hot water and a jug of cold mixed in this same sink.

Our bath hung on the wall outside of the back door exactly like the one on the picture and Dad had to get it in and put it in the tiny space of the scullery.
Mum would boil up a boiler full of boiling water and place the tap over the side of the bath, then cold water was added.

When we had all jumped in one after the other the water was less than savoury I can tell you. Dad was always last.
He then had the job of bucketing the water out until there was just a small amount left, what he then did was to up end it and walk it to the kitchen door to pour the water out into the garden.
Can you imagine this going on today? 

Needless to say bath time was not that often, probably once a fortnight.
Oh, and the soap was called Lifebuoy, the only soap my Dad would use, just plain old soap.

He wasn't a man for deodorants and after shave but that's a whole other post, lol

Thursday, 19 April 2018


Managed to get these pics of the tiny fox tonight.
Not very good but have to take them through the kitchen window and he doesn''t stay still for long.

You can judge just how small he is by the flower pots.
He's so cute and acts as though he's all excited to be out running to and fro  and in and out of the gate hatch, he's so quick its difficult to get a good pic.  
The adult fox is still taking big mouthfulls of food away and quickly returning for more so am assuming that the vixen is still with other cubs.
Why this one is out and about I don't know.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Not a lot going on here, been playing about with Shisha embroidery.

Thoroughly enjoying this, have just ordered some more mirrors and am thinking about doing a page for the journal with them.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018


I've been in for loads of competitions in my time but never won more that a book.
Above is Matt our youngest son who has just won the latest brand new iphone,
He couldn't believe it when he got the text but here he is posing for the Camera.

So, maybe I'll start seeking those comps out now, lol